Interesting Facts


  • A herd of Rhinos is a “Crash”.
  • Rhinos were created for power. A great deal of their enormous weight is solid muscle.
  • Rhinos were created for speed. Rhinos can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour.
  • Rhinos are the second largest mammal in existence, second to the elephant.
  • Rhino mothers keep their young with them for years. They ferociously protect their young and teach them to survive.
  • Rhinos are herbivores (vegetarians!) YUM!
  • Rhinos love the water and are good swimmers. (No floatation devices needed!)
  • Rhinos are an endangered species due to the illegal poachers who covet the valuable horns of the rhino.



When threatened, Rhinos will charge!

Do you have the courage to become a RHINO?! CHARGE! 

The Great Unrace

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