• +What Should I Wear?

    A: Athletic gear will probably be the most comfortable, but we always encourage creativity, so have fun with it.

  • +what are the locations?


    Both events are being held at Sunshine Community Church, 3300 East Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525


  • +what time is the event?

    A: The Rhino Challenge will be held from 9AM to 10AM with waves of challengers being released every 15 minutes.

  • +how early should i arrive before my run time?

    A: Challengers should arrive 30-45 minutes before their scheduled event time for packet pickup and final registration.

  • +who can come to the rhino challenge?

    A: We encourage all ages to come as spectators to the event. There will be an area for spectators to have a great view of the challengers.

  • +how old do you have to be to participate?

    A: Ages 5 and up can challenge the entire 5k course, ages 5 to 13 have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the course, and follow the designated lane. Ages 14 and up are free to take on the course without parental escort.

  • +what is the cost of the event?

    Ages 5-12

    • June 11th Event: $15         ($20 Day of Registration)
    • June 18th Event: $18        ($20 Day of Registration)

    Ages 13 and up

    • June 11th Event ($35 Dec 13 – April 10th) ($40 April 11th – May 10th) ($45 May 11th – June 10th) ($55 Day of Registration)
    • June 18th Event ($35 Dec 13 – April 17th) ($40 April 18th – May 17th) ($45 May 18th – June 17th) ($55 Day of Registration)

    Register now!

  • +how should i train?

    A: Everyone is at different levels of fitness so we encourage everyone to consult their doctor as to what levels of fitness they should attempt. That being said, old school gym class exercises of pushups, jogging, pull-ups, and plenty of stretching will help with preparation for the challenge.

  • +are beverages provided or can i bring my own?

    A: Water will be provided for all challengers but you are also encouraged to bring your own water or sports drinks. Hydration is extremely important for everyone at the event. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED at the event.

  • +what is included in the race packet?

    A: Each race packet will include a race t-shirt, coupons from sponsors and bib.

  • +will this be a timed event?

    A: The Rhino Challenge will have a running clock timer for the challengers reference.

  • +is the event competitive?

    A: The Rhino Challenge is as competitive as you want to make it, but we are more about having fun with the challenge and helping others complete the course, than finishing first.

  • +will there be childcare while parents challenge the course?

    A: There will not be any childcare offered at the event. Please arrange for someone to be with any children that attend the event.

  • +will there be dressing rooms to change?

    A:  There will not be any changing areas but there will an area to rinse any mud. You may want to bring an extra towel to throw over the seats in your car.

  • +can i transfer my registration?

    A:  You can transfer registration up until 2 weeks before the event. Within the 2 weeks, you will not be allowed to transfer. Just email mark@therhinochallenge.com with “Registration Change” as the subject, and include all the new participants information.

  • +can i cancel my registration and get a refund?

    A: Once registered for the event; entry is non-cancelable and non-refundable.

  • +what do i need to bring for packet pickup?

    A:  Bring a signed copy of the waiver form, and a valid ID.


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