Obstacle 101: How to Slip n’ Slide

Posted on: April 28, 2014   |   Posted in: Uncategorized

Here at The Rhino Challenge, we pride ourselves on creating obstacles that are both challenging and fun. Our Slip n’ Slide is no exception to the rule!

Some of you might think…”how challenging can a Slip n’ Slide be?”… Well, it depends, is being able to steer your way around that massive boulder(that our founder who wont be named missed removing) under the slide a challenge? Or when a volunteer gets a little to “soap happy” and you approach the end of the slide at a ridiculous rate…

These reasons are why a sound strategy is important when taking on our 150ft slip and slide, because a not-so-well place boulder combined with body position could be the difference between and good, and not-so-good Slip n’ Slide experience.


Formation #1 – The “Thumbs Up”

The thumbs up allows for great on-stomach control while maintaining the ability to express ones enjoyment.

Formation #2 – The “Torpedo”

Although The Torpedo technique is obviously optimized for speed, it is also an effective method for easy side to side movement and control.



Formation #3 – The “Use Kid as Shield Technique”

This technique is great for finding those hidden rocks under the tarp and making appropriate adjustments, as well as a nice shield from the wet, soapy spray.

Very effective!

Formation #4 – The “Go all-out Air Plane”

There is no real strategy here…it is just a lot of fun!


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