Clay Decker

Obstacle Engineer

Clay was born sometime early in the 20th century, but we are not quite sure when. Although he does say that he can vividly remember the first Model T’s. He is a loving husband of 38 years to Brenda Decker, a father of six amazing children, father-in-law to four, and proud grandfather of two. As a health care provider, he has seen his fair share of broken bones and is considered our “field medic”. Growing up on the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio, helped to prepare him for the challenges that he would encounter in Viet Nam. As an army recruit, he was quickly promoted to the Army Aviation School where he was trained on the Cobra helicopter. Clay learned many lessons of courage and bravery, and has always carried a great desire to teach those lessons and to build confidence in everyone that he meets.

At age 63, Clay hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to river and back. He stays fit by chopping wood, cutting down trees, and playing with his 1 year old grandson. Clay’s role is the Obstacle Engineer for The Rhino Challenge. He is in charge of the design, the building process, and the deployment of all of the obstacles that are seen on the course. He could be called the MacGyver of obstacles because he can build anything, sometimes out of paper clips and duct tape.

His motto for life is, “When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin”.

The Great Unrace

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